Topic outline

  • Publication

    In preparation for the UN Reflection Series a call for papers was widely announced in May 2015, inviting submission of abstracts from academics and practitioners from both inside and outside of the UN system around three aspects:

    • The changing role and operational setup of the UN in Middle Income Countries
    • Second-generation development challenges in Middle Income Countries
    • The changing role of bilateral donors, multilaterals and civil society in Middle Income Countries

    This call for papers was made with the aim of launching a publication for circulation among the UN Development Group and to feed into global policy discussions among UN Member States. 

    A selection committee consisting of representatives from the UNSSC, UNDOCO and the Hertie School of Governance short-listed 12 out of 38 abstracts. Selected authors from the UN and the development community submitted full-fledged conference papers in August 2015, which were presented by them during the UN Reflection Series event in Berlin.

    The 12 selected papers have been published in an online publication titled "UN Reflection Series 2016: Development Cooperation, Policy Advice and Middle Income Countries", launched by the United Nations System Staff College in collaboration with the Hertie School of Governance. The publication presents valuable reflections and lessons learned on the challenges and obstacles faced by Middle Income Countries (MICs) in the pursuit of inclusive sustainable development based on academic research and experiences at country level.

    The eReader compatible version of the publication can be found here (for a minimal price of €0.99). The pdf version of the publication is available free of charge here.